Jeffrey Bennett

Once seduced by a glimpse of Jeffrey Bennett’s photography and you’ll never look at nighttime the same. Carbon to none and prodigious on so many levels, his work will leave you speechless.

Bennett, a self-taught, fine art photographer is in a league of his own after dedicating nine years to producing some of the most dazzling nighttime and cityscape images. He takes a risk by boasting of his own work, claiming “second to none.”

After taking a peek, I was spellbound and have to admit, his claim has humble roots. Subsequent to experiencing his recent masterpiece, “City of Ice”, all I can say is, WOW. In fact, his entire collection is fascinating and distinctive.

Peeling away the layers behind Bennett’s depth and passion, you discover he grew up experiencing a variety of city cultures amid Texas, to Wyoming, Colorado and North Carolina. But, he’s had the privilege to capture remarkable images all over the world.

“My style is a mix between simply being inspired to create at a specific moment in time, and capturing the world in all of its beauty and splendor,” says Bennett.

As a child, he was awestruck after seeing what great photographers could do with a lens, Bennett revealed, “I dreamt of being able to reach that level one day; being able to truly capture the beauty of everyday moments that would last a lifetime.”

Transforming a hobby into a profession, Jeffrey Bennett has certainly hit the mark. His images are breathtaking beyond comparison, not only encapsulating a moment in time, but with added intensity that will leave you astonished. One of his recent accomplishments was a Daily Deviation feature for his image, “Space Needle”, chosen from millions of galleries on

“It was truly an honor to be recognized by so many inspirational and creative people in the industry,” Bennett said.

Although considered a master by some, Bennett isn’t ready to settle with that title just yet and is still working to define his own unique style. He continues to network with industry experts who are knowledgeable and established photographers. And wouldn’t you know? Yes, he wants to improve his photographic vision, and anticipates entering the results of his effort in public exhibitions.

Moving forward, Bennett hopes to open his own “highly successful” art photography gallery to compliment his online collection.

Quickly earning fame in the “Mile High City”, Bennett’s work has been described as “remarkable”, “breathtaking”, and “must see”. He is one of 776 photographers who collectively received more than a million votes to earn publication in “Capture My Colorado”, a fine art coffee table book. This collaborative effort stated by Colorado News Media, “captures Colorado like never before.”

To read more about Bennett and view his spectacular images, you can connect with him Facebook, Twitter, DeviantART and other social media sites, and visit website.

This artist’s talent is two-fold. You’ll be surprised to learn that he has literally created his own website from the design and programming to the artwork contained there.

“Before my parents met, my father was a professional photographer for Kodak,” he said. “After I was born, he went into computer science, which was my major in college. I’m convinced the creativity within photography and computers are in my DNA.”

Aside from what makes his creative and technical sides click, Bennett is living life to the fullest. His top priorities include, traveling whenever possible, creating, and working hard to inspire others through his work. To appreciate the allure of Bennett, visit his website.

You’ll want to check back often. Currently he’s working on a 2-year project that he believes will be one of his most beautiful artworks. Is he ready to share? Not likely. For now you’ll just have to follow this photographer and wait for his announcement.

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About the Author:

Diana Turner is the Chief Publicist of Alin Media Group. Ms. Turner has worked as a professional writer for over 10 years. Although she has contributed to a broad spectrum of publications including books, newspapers, and online and print trade publications, her favorite writing projects are creative—TV and radio commercials, marketing copy and profiles. A life-long artist at heart, Ms. Turner is right at home in the center of creative energy and is committed to sharing her passion for giving undiscovered talent a voice in the media.


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